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Our group of video marketing and production experts will work with you to create a video that uniquely tells your story and makes people excited about your offer.


Video marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing, if not THE most effective form. Don't get left behind! The stats don't lie.


of internet traffic is for online video


of all internet users in the US watch videos


of consumers would rather learn about a product or service via video


of consumers made
a purchase after watching a brand’s video


of businesses are already using video for marketing

Our Video Production Services

We produce cinematic-quality videos designed to help you reach your goals, whether it is increasing sales, building brand awareness, or something else. Every business is unique, and your videos should be too. We'll work with you to create creative, engaging, and effective videos
Brand Videos

A strong brand identity is a fundamental aspect of every company. Video marketing offers the perfect outlet to show off your brand with high-quality visuals. We can create a brand video that introduces your company to the world. You are the expert. We show off your skills and expertise to provide an exclusive look at what you can do.

How-To Videos

In addition to branding purposes, how-to videos are a convenient way for businesses with physical merchandise to communicate their product to a large number of viewers quickly. Video is an effective way to explain how your product or service works and show precisely how to use it.

Engagement with Consumers
Social Media Videos

We all know how significant word of mouth is for attracting new customers. These days, people are more likely than ever to trust the opinion of a brand influencer or happy customer over that of a brand itself.

That's why we believe it's essential to recognize how satisfied customers are with a brand. Testimonial videos can help grow your business faster than any other video production service available.

We can work with you to film real testimonials from your customers or staff so you can share the ways that people love your company.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos break down concepts and help viewers understand your products or services in plain language. Explainer and how-to videos are perfect for getting your message out there without being too sales-pitchy.

Testimonial Videos

Video testimonials are more engaging than static documents or text-based testimonials. Using real testimonials from your customers and clients is the best form of social proof and an excellent way to connect with potential customers.

Promotional Videos

We can help you create a product video that highlights the features of what you're selling. Promotional videos can also highlight your company's ethics and values.

How it Works

Our Five-Step Video Production Process

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    We'll work with you to develop a concept that will be sure to grab attention and help increase conversions.

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    After that, we'll go into pre-production, where the script is finalized and the storyboards created.

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    Production is where the magic happens, with our team filming and editing your video to make it look great.

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    Then it's off to post-production for color correction, sound editing, and adding in any special effects.

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    And finally, watch your leads and sales grow!

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Our flat-fee predictable pricing and payment plans make video marketing accessible for any sized business too.

So, what are you waiting for? Ventus Films is here to help your business take flight! Put our video marketing expertise to work for you.

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